Tuesday, February 23, 2010

We Were Wrong...

So on our way to the ultrasound, we asked Benjamin how he'd feel about the possibility having a little sister. He would not even consider the idea and said he didn't like girls. When the doctor asked him what he thought the baby on the screen was he said, "It's a snake."

But in very clear terms, my doctor pointed out that this was most definitely a little girl! She's really active too. I feel her kicking almost every time I lie down, and Paul's even felt her little kick too. It's still very strange...I don't know what to do with girls, but it's sinking in. We're really excited about having a little girl in the family, and Benjamin is even starting to warm up to the idea. :)

On Saturday it was really warm, so we headed over to the zoo. We were in the reptile house when I told Paul I just saw our future. And by that I mean I saw a family with two older red-headed little boys and a brown-haired baby sister in the stroller. So part of the equation was right. I guess we'll see if I was right about the hair color in a few months!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Boys

Peter has been changing a lot this month. He used to eat anything and everything we put in front of him, but now he has to be incentivized to consume food (i.e. bits of food must transform into trucks and helicopters and have the appropriate sound effect...that, or it has to taste like junk food). He has also started tantruming already, which seems early to me. I found a picture of Benjamin at about the same age. It's funny how much perspective can change. I really thought he was such a big boy here.
But Peter also enjoys Benjamin's company now rather than just tolerating it. Yesterday, they played on their own together for much of the day, and I even heard quite a bit of laughing! I love that my baby is becoming a big boy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Rather Stupid Observation

So, have you ever wondered why M.L. KING's Day is more widely celebrated in the U.S. than PRESIDENT's day? Yeah, me too.

And onto another random note, I am loving our new orchid! That pot has been empty, sitting in the basement for way too long. Real plants make me happy!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Decor

One of my favorite Valentine's decorations I've ever seen is at my good friend's house. She has kids almost my age, and has traveled all over the world. She's collected various heart ornaments through the years and each Valentine's day she hangs the collection from her chandelier. So last year, inspired by her, I turned some of Benjamin's art projects into hearts to hang from our chandelier. I ended up throwing them away after February was over, so this year I decided to make my own little ornaments that I can use from year to year. I had some self-hardening clay sitting around, so I made some hearts and painted paper heart doily-inspired designs on them. It took a while, but I like them.
Now to get more ribbon so half of them aren't hanging from sparkly pipe cleaners!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Snowy Saturday

We had a nice little snowfall yesterday after a day of rain, so it was great for packing. We had a fun time throwing snowballs at each other and running around. It was a really nice sunny day!
You'd think by now we'd have size and gender appropriate snow clothes for the boys, but we don't. Those are my old (adult size) gloves Peter is wearing. :)
Peter was a lot more cautious about the snow this time, so he just watched us.
Benjamin really wanted to pose with his snowman under an umbrella. Paul really wanted to give it a gentle embrace.
It was a good sized snowman for how little snow there was!
During nap time, I decided to make a little Valentine's decoration. I found the idea on my cousin's blog. I think the original was much cuter, but that's ok. I used what I had, so it was free!