Friday, July 24, 2009

Crawling was so last week...

You only have to watch the first thirty seconds or so to get the gist of what's going on here (I just have no idea how to edit my videos). Peter is getting more and more mobile every day (and has consequently already had a good tumble down a flight of stairs)!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Utah Trip: End of Part 1

We've been having a wonderful vacation, and Paul is with us at last! This past Friday, I got together with my sister Miriam and my cousin McKenna at our Grandma and Grandpa Smith's house. We had a good chance to catch up, meet each other's babies, and share a stomache bug that knocked most of us out for 12 hrs. We also got to see my Grandma's oil paintings. She just started painting a few years ago, and already she's much better at portraits than I've ever been. I was impressed!

Here's Benjamin (3 yrs.), Peter (9 mos.), Darci (3 mos.), and Anna (1 yr.).
Benjamin loves their house. I always did too as a kid. They had a merry-go-round, a tree house, a tire swing, a trampoline, a slide and a gazebo. It truly is little kid heaven. This wooden play set is a new addition to the yard, and Benjamin loved showing off his fireman skills on the pole.
He also figured out how to scramble up the tree while we were all inside, only to get stuck. MY Grandpa rescued him. I thought it was pretty cute!
Grandpa Smith makes a very fun Great-Grandpa too!
On Saturday, we had Paul with us, so we headed up to Pine View for the morning. I must have been overly excited at seeing my husband after 2 1/2 weeks because I was pretty spacey; I totally forgot to bring the boys' swimming suits with us. Luckily, Benjamin felt no shame in running around in his underwear. Here he is being silly with my Mom.
We rented a ski-doo for the day and Benjamin took a ride with Paul and Uncle David. Benjamin said he had fun, but he was done after one ride on it. We had a blast. Thanks, Mom and Dad for such a fun time!

On the way to Provo we had expected to make a few visits, but when Benjamin started complaining that his stomach hurt, we knew we had to wrap it up. We made a quick exit from a family reunion, but within minutes, Benjamin had thrown up all over himself and his car seat. I finally feel like we've been fully inducted into the Parent's Club or something.

After getting the boys down at Paul's parent's house, Paul and I drove back up to my cousin Angela's wedding reception. I couldn't believe it, but it's been three years since I last saw my cousin and best friend Wendy (Angela's sister) . We had a great time catching up! On the way back home, I was starting to feel nauseous, but was able to make it all the way to Provo before joining Benjamin on the floor all night. Good times. We're all better now though, and are ready to enjoy some more adventures with Paul's family!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Tree

During my stay at my parent's house, I was asked to paint a tree mural on a wall in the basement. Eventually, all the grandkids' 5" x 7" pictures will hang in clusters by family. I've never actually painted a mural, so this was kind of a new and exciting challenge. Here it is!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peter Crawls!

Sort of.

More Reunion Pictures

I had some more pictures of the reunion I wanted to include. You can thank my awesome sister Jeannine for even MORE picture overload! :)
We had a nice FHE with everyone in my parent's back yard.
Here's Jeannine, Bryan and his girls.
Benjamin, Dad, Peter, Jeannine, me, Marc, Anna, Miriam and Mom.

The little cousins who were there: Benjamin, Sarah, Anna, Peter and Bonnie.
Some pretty pictures by the lake we "hiked" around. My cousin Monette's little boy Xander and Benjamin enjoyed playing together by the small brook.
Me, Peter, my Mom, Sarah, Jenilee, Bryan and Grandma.
And one last cute one by the campfire.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Family Reunion

Benjamin, Peter and I are in Utah now and are having a marvelous time! We even survived the non-stop, very squished flight on our own. Paul stayed back for a while, but will be joining us in a few weeks. We came out early for my extended family's reunion, which was over the Fourth of July weekend.
Benjamin has really grown up a lot since my family last saw him. He is not the same shy, reserved little boy that required Mommy to do everything for him. We went for a hike near my parents house, and he wanted to hold Uncle David's hand the whole way to the waterfall.
My Mom is really enjoying the chance to get to know Peter a little better. He was a tiny 2 month old with RSV the last time we were together. And yesterday, he cut his very first tooth!
My cousins Brennan, Kristi, Michael and Kelly came with us on the hike. I can't believe how grown up my youngest cousins are! They are all so much fun.
For dinner, we went to Five Guys, where David works. Benjamin really liked the giant stack of sacks of potatoes, and wanted to pose on top of them (Paul throws Benjamin around like a "sack of potatoes" every day when he gets home from work).
My sister Miriam's baby turned 1 on the fourth of July, so we got to be there for the celebration! We had a barbecue and games at her husband Marc's parents home. The kids really enjoyed playing together in the wading pool.
I got to meet my little sister Jeannine's favorite person there too. Jon is really a great guy!
Anna got her own little cake to destroy, which had bananas on it. The rest of us got the classic flag berry cake with homemade ice cream. Mmmm...mmm.
My brother Nathan is sure a fun uncle! He just started his new job yesterday, and we're all so happy for him!
Peter has figured out the "wiggle," which gets him out of my arms and into walking position in two seconds flat. He likes to walk like this all the time now, so here my Dad graciously gave me (and my back) a break!
Marc's dad raises bunnies, so that was where Benjamin spent most of the evening. I think Benjamin named this one "Snowflake."
The big family reunion started at the Tracy Aviary, where a bunch of the little second cousins got to finally meet. It's sad that this is the best picture I have of the group, but there were quite a few of us there!
Peter was pretty fascinated by the peacock's tail.
Benjamin enjoyed pulling Peter around in this wagon the whole time, and did a fine job at it!
After a nice morning at the Aviary, we walked over to the Liberty Park mini amusement park and had a few rides.
Later in the afternoon, we all met up at a park where the rest of the group joined us. Most of the group went tubing down the Provo river and on a hike during the morning. Here's Peter with his second cousin, Lincoln, who also just turned 1 this weekend!
My brother Bryan and his wife Jenilee came out too. Their two girls are very close in age to our two boys. It has been especially fun to see Benjamin and his cousin Sarah's friendship blossom! They were not exactly friends when they were 2 1/2, but I think being 3 has done good things to their relationship. Now they're inseparable.

If you can believe it, I would have posted more pictures if it hadn't been for the fact that my memory card on my camera was completely full and the batteries were dead. Yesterday, we spent the day up Big Cottonwood Canyon, just hiking and playing and singing around a big campfire. Oh, and eating lots of really good food! My Grandma and Grandpa have over 100 people among their posterity now, and most of them were there. I love my family!