Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ben in the Backyard

We've been here about a month now and are loving this yard! It's little and brambly and needs a lot of work, but we're really enjoying it. Benjamin helps out a lot. Here he's helping Mom sweep the deck. He especially loves all the big, heavy, dangerous garden tools and loves to follow Daddy around with them.

Paul really enjoys what he's doing at work. We're all still getting used to the normal office hours instead his old flexible thesis hours on campus.

The area is really beautiful. It was really hot and muggy when we got here, but then one day, it was like someone hit a light switch and it was really chilly. It's back to hot now. Benjamin loves to play outside and we were lucky enough to find a steal on Craig's List for a kid basketball hoop, a little race car, a table sand box with sand toys and a few Tonka backhoe loaders all for $25! So now we practically have a playground back there. Well, nothing to compare to the swanky, huge, modern playground down the road, but it's something!

We miss all our family and friends! But we're doing well. It's kind of fun being just us.