Saturday, January 27, 2007

He's Crawling!

Benjamin is a great little crawler now and can get wherever he wants, though I don't think he truly appreciates this new-found freedom. I'm still waiting for him to pounce on all the hot spots when Mommy's not looking. But he's still a little slow, and knows without question that grabbing Mommy's hands and walking is always a much quicker option.

Benjamin liked making a mess with the carrots more than he did eating them.

Stylish little Ben in his brand new car seat (he grew out of his last one) and new crawling/walking shoes. Yeah, they have dragons on them, and yeah, he feels pretty cool.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Seven Months

Benjamin is growing up before our eyes! It's so weird how fast he's progressed from being an immobile, content baby to an increasingly impatient, always-on-the-move-baby. He must feel very limited in his little baby body since he's already an old man.
He's been taking the first steps towards crawling, getting onto all fours from either a sitting up or lying down position, but doesn't yet have the upper body strength to do anything about it. This morning, he surprised me by pushing himself up to sit from lying down.
But really more than anything, all he wants to do is take someone's hands (preferably Mommy's) and walk. And he's quite good at it too. He took me on a long, extensive tour of our apartment today, showing me all of the most interesting spots (i.e. the most dangerous or dirty) and even took me to the bed when it was time for a nap. As much as my back s it, this is a really fun stage.
His personality continues to blossom as well. He has a funny scrunch smile now, and will tilt his head and entire upper body over to look for someone who just went around out of sight. He also rewards our ridiculous behaviors with adorable fits of giggles. He refuses to eat much baby food, but loves just about anything we're eating. He's a sweet, affectionate boy towards us, but depending on his mood, can be very wary of other people. He loves to "talk" to other babies and thinks kids are the coolest.
So there's our long-winded tour on our baby's latest and greatest accomplishments. If you can't tell, we're quite enamored by him!