Friday, September 22, 2006

Personality to Spare...

Benjamin is a delight these days with his very serious, though friendly, personality showing through more and more. He's also growing up very quickly. He's already wearing his 6-9 month clothes. Sadly, his growth spurts these days have interrupted his nights, which in the past have been extraordinarily long. Today, he's been teething with two teeth on top and two on the bottom promising to poke through soon. He's also nearly sitting up on his own, which is kind of odd, since he refuses to have any tummy time and finds rolling over a bore. Benjamin loves to stand, and has for over a month now. We tried him in the "Johnny Jump-Up" the other day to see what he'd do. He did enjoy standing on his own, but just sucked on the bar and looked around.
Benjamin loves studying and observing things. He watches with great fascination as we eat dinner, and loves his stroller rides because there's so much to see. He also loves music, and falls silent, staring towards the source of the sound. He does the same when we read to him, whether it's Nephi, Aristophanes or "The Little Engine that Could".
He seems to be a rather sensitive boy as well. He's turning into a little thumb sucker too. When he gets scared by something (i.e. Paul getting upset over a game of Tetris), he'll stick out his pouty lip and big crocodile tears will start to well up in his eyes as he lets out a shaky "Whaaaa"! He loves his "tubby time", and often that's the one thing that will console him when he's upset.
Benjamin is really happy in the mornings, and "talks" to us for long stretches with his adorable little voice. He has the sweetest smiles which bring us so much joy! We really feel blessed to have such a wonderful baby. He's a sweetheart.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

3 Months Old!

Cannon Kids

Cousins Benjamin and Andrew, Brigham and Alexandra's first. They're just eight months apart!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Little Cousins at Miriam's Wedding

Bryan with little Sarah, Rachel with Natalie (and one on the way!), and Sarah with Benjamin.

Benajmin and Sarah are just 15 days apart.