Friday, November 21, 2008

Monday's Child

Peter turned one month old yesterday! I took him to his doctor's appointment, and I'm astonished at how physically similar he is to Benjamin. He weighed in at 11 lbs. 4 oz., measuring around the 86th percentile. At 5 weeks, Benjamin was 11 lbs. 7 oz. We've been looking through Benjamin's baby pictures of him at Peter's age, and their faces are even little copies of each other. But As similar as they are physically, their personalities are totally different. Peter just seems more like a baby to me than Benjamin ever did. He's a sweetheart.
I'm not sure one month old pictures will happen though, at least not here. Monday's (induced) child is not so fair of face right now (Question: if a baby is induced, does the little rhyme still apply?). He has really bad baby acne, plus I think he has some sort of rash going on from our dryer sheets. He also has cradle cap flakiness all over his ears and eyebrows and scalp. Poor kid. It looks pretty miserable.
Benjamin is Friday's child, and legitimately too. He has been very loving and giving these past few days. I think he's gradually becoming less hot/cold and getting back to his normal self. He has been saying some of the funniest things lately. When I put him down the other night, he said to me "I want some... golden... golden... bread." Not really sure where "golden" came from, but he's also used it to describe the kind of "DOY-moke" (soy milk) and juice he wants.
I'm a Saturday's child, and I always felt gypped that I'd have have to work hard for a living. I had this old book when I was growing up, which is why it is so beat up. I lucked out when my Mom passed it on to me, even though I'm sure my seven brothers and sisters loved this book just as much as I did.
I looked up Paul's birth day of the week and his was Sunday. It makes sense. Paul sure is blithe. And winsome. And happy and gay. He makes me happy!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I know, I know...

You've all been dying to see more pictures of the cutest baby on the planet. Well, here you go.

"I gotta get me some more of that!"

Thoughtful fellow

This kid has pears hanging off the sides of his face! Oh, those are his cheeks.


"He made his first look!"

Hey! What's the big idea?

I love this mohawk!

"Get that corn outta my face!!!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Few Pictures for the Grandmas

Peter is three weeks old already! Hard to believe. The time has flown, and yet it seems as if we've had Peter with us forever. We've now been on our own for a week, and so far no toddler casualties...many close calls though. Benjamin has had some pretty trying moments, especially on Sunday when we got home from church around nap time. When he really wants a reaction out of us, he knows to jump on the bed around Peter's head or poke his eyes or soft spots. But he still says he loves him and gives him gentle hugs. I think this picture is funny. Lots of two-year-old attitude.

Here's his Halloween costume. He picked a dog costume this year at a second-hand store. He really enjoyed trick-or-treating in our mostly elderly neighborhood. There weren't too many other kids to compete with for the good stuff!

Devouring the spoils.
"I ludd a baby brudder!"
Three weeks old.
Benjamin was releasing some creative energy tonight. Here's my three boys!